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Sore back playing golf?

Over one million people play golf in Australia, making it one of the highest participation sports nationally. Golf related injuries are common for both amateur and professional golfers, with lower back pain contributing to approximately 25% of all golfing injuries, in those that play at least three times per week. Research also reveals that on […]

Not All Hamstring Strains Are Equal

Hamstring Strains Are Most Frequently A Sprinting Injury The winter sports season is upon us, meaning physiotherapists all around Melbourne will be dealing with athletes having suffered hamstring strains. AFL and soccer are sports with notoriously high numbers of hamstring strains the majority of which occur during high speed running. 70% of hamstring injuries in […]

Sciatica: What You Need to Know

Sciatica is commonly described as pain experienced mostly on one side of the body and runs down the buttock, hamstring and sometimes extends to the lower leg. Sciatica pain is normally caused by compression of the nerve that originates from your lower back. It can be triggered by joint inflammation, tight buttock, arthritic growth or locked facet joints. […]

The Benefits Of Clinical Pilates

As Physiotherapists, we often get asked what the difference is between Clinical Pilates classes and gym run classes. Although both versions use machines called reformers, that is where the similarities end. Firstly…what actually is Pilates? Pilates is a form of exercise targeted at improving your core strength, balance and stability. It focuses on building strength […]