GLA:D Program

There is a very high incidence of people experiencing aches and pains and reduced function with osteoarthritis of the knees and hips. For a very long time, we have looked to surgical options to replace the arthritic joints surfaces to assist with pain reduction and improved function, but undergoing surgery is not without risk.

The current literature that shows us that surgical intervention has its place in the management of severe osteoarthritis, but there are new guidelines that inform us of many benefits to a conservative approach with participation in the GLA:D Program.

GLA:D or Good Life Arthritis Denmark is an Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Program designed by researchers specifically targeting people over the age of 40 with hip and / or knee osteoarthritis. The Program is also helpful to people who have other joint related symptoms.

GLA:D Program offers an Initial Assessment for each participant, followed by 12 supervised exercise sessions over 6 weeks, and 2 educations sessions. A final review occurs three months after the commencement of the Program to track each participant’s progress.

This Program incorporates information about osteoarthritis and how to manage it and specific exercises tailored to each individual for any age and ability. Research from the GLA:D Program indicated that participants experienced:

  • a reduction in symptoms by 32%
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced use of pain medication for joint pain
  • Less sick leave required
  • High levels of participant satisfaction with the program
  • Increased physical activity levels from participants 12 months after starting the program.


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Written by Sophie Halsall-McLennan, Fresh Start Physiotherapy