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Digital Physiotherapy Appointments

Introducing Digital Physiotherapy Appointments

Telephysio @ Fresh Start Physiotherapy Highton

At Fresh Start Physiotherapy, we are now offering secured, digital Physiotherapy Appointments from the comfort of your own home. These appointments are available with your Physiotherapist on your smart phone or device and we can assess, diagnose, educate and help you complete self-treatment during these sessions just like we do in a face to face consultation.

You may book these appointments online through our booking system:

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Please select:

  • TelePhysio Assessment Consultation if you are a new Client
  • Telephysio Standard Consultation if you are an existing client


You may call us during business hours (Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm) to book your digital consultation.

These sessions are an excellent way to keep your rehabilitation on track.

If you need a caring professional to evaluate your hand and wrist complaint or to be fitted with a

custom-made splint, contact Sophie to discuss the benefits of Hand Therapy.

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