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REHAB (Post-Op Rehabilitation)

Post-Operative Rehabilitation, or REHAB as it is commonly known, is the processes undertaken after your surgical procedure.

After surgery, Physiotherapy is often recommended by Orthopaedic Surgeons.  In the literature, Physiotherapy has been shown to provide:

  • benefits in decreasing pain;
  • exercise prescription to strengthening muscles;
  • exercises and management strategies to help you improve your function                                                                        (source: Australian Physiotherapy Association).

The benefits of Physiotherapy before and after surgery include:

  • Advising clients how to manage their swelling;
  • Informing clients what to do immediately after surgery in consultation with their Surgeon;
  • Providing tailored treatment and exercise prescription in line with your post-operative instructions from your Surgeon;
  • Advice on how to minimise the risk of the post-operative complications;
  • Individualised treatments to suit specific circumstances; and
  • Education on how clients may aid their own recovery by adopting specially considered exercise regimes.

Please contact the clinic and discuss with Sophie how Physiotherapy may assist you after your surgical procedure.