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PREHAB (Pre-Operative Rehab)

Pre-Operative Rehabilitation, or PREHAB as it is widely known, is the preparation undertaken prior to your surgical procedure.

Physiotherapy plays an important role in the management of clients before surgery. At the clinic we can provide you with information and management strategies prior to your surgery to:

  • help you understand what to expect after the surgery;
  • how to maximise your outcomes from the surgery; and
  • help you with specific exercises targeted to assist you with the process.

By partaking in your PREHAB Program:

  • Advice on how to manage your swelling and pain;
  • Information on what to expect immediately after your operation;
  • A tailored exercise program to assist with optimising your movement, strength, endurance, movement control before your surgery;
  • Providing tailored treatment and exercise prescription in line with your post-operative instructions from your Surgeon; and
  • Advice on how to minimise the risk of the post-operative complications

Please contact the clinic and discuss with Sophie how Physiotherapy may assist you before your surgical procedure.

Visit Us

4 Percy Jones Court, Highton, 3216


Monday – Friday:  9am – 5pm

About Us

Sophie Halsall-McLennan is a mother of two, has a passion for rowing, skiing, classical ballet and spending time with her family.

Staying continually up-to-date with the latest evidence-based practice, including treatments and rehabilitation programs keeps Sophie at the forefront of Physiotherapy. With these skills and knowledge, she can equip her clients with the best available information and treatment.

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