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Sports & Muscular Injuries

Sports and muscular injuries often occur when least expected. Even day-to-day activities like walking, running, rowing, playing sport or simply gardening can lead to unexpected soreness or an injury.

This may arise from:

  • overuse of muscles and tendons;
  • insufficient training;
  • sudden impact;
  • holding a poor position for too long;
  • equipment failure;
  • poor technique;
  • insufficient warm up;
  • inappropriate footwear; and more

As a former athlete, Sophie knows the importance of a sporting enthusiast’s desire to return to their sporting passions in a timely manner, so they may continue to enjoy the benefits of their activities.

Sophie keeps up-to-date with the latest evidence-based practices and research articles including treatments and rehabilitation programs, so that she may provide her clients with this knowledge, management and advice with the aim of  supporting her clients in getting back on the court, field, track or simply in the garden as soon as possible.

Sophie can assist with sporting and muscular injuries from all manner of pursuits including:

  • Track and field Athletics;
  • Cycling;
  • Hockey;
  • Rowing, kayaking & canoeing;
  • Triathlons; & Marathons;
  • Skiing and Snowboarding;
  • Swimming;
  • Weight lifting;
  • Cricket;
  • Martial Arts;
  • Football, Rugby & Soccer;
  • Golf; and
  • Sprains and strains from gardening, craft activities, tinkering in the shed and other pastimes.

Contact the clinic to discuss how up-to-date physiotherapy methods may assist your recovery.

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