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Muscular Strains

Muscular pain, muscle strains, pulled muscles and muscle tears are often terms used interchangeably to describe the discomfort we experience in our muscles. The most common reason we may experience a muscle strain is due to overstretching.

A muscle strain can range in severity from a mild strain to a rupture of the muscle. The symptoms that are commonly reported in a muscle strain are:

  • Muscular pain;
  • Localised Swelling;
  • Muscular soreness;
  • Muscle tightness;
  • Muscle stiffness;
  • Reduced muscle power; &
  • Bruising

There are a few reasons that one may experience a muscle strain;

  1. When your muscles are operating at high speeds and your muscles are overloaded. One of the most common group of muscles that are injured in this way are the hamstrings, thigh muscles (quadriceps), calf muscles, groin muscles (adductors) and back muscles.
  2. The body can be overloaded with exercise that can result in muscle microtrauma. This phenomena is commonly known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS. It is quite common to experience DOMS after reintroducing exercise to your routine, a session of weights or an extended training session
  3. Thirdly, when your muscles are fatigued from maintaining a sustained posture. The back, neck and shoulders are very common areas that are susceptible to strains and there is an increasing prevalence of neck strains with increased usage of phones and devices.
  4. There are other overuse injuries that develop as a result of overuse of the muscles in combination with postural fatigue. Due to our knowledge and research of the body, we are much better equipped to identify potential areas of risk for overuse injuries and with early assessment, intervention and the provision of preventative measures, we have been able to reduce the incidence of repetitive strain injuries in Australia.

Sophie’s involvement with varying sports, workplaces and social activities in addition to her knowledge from her Degree and ongoing Professional Education and training has provided her with knowledge and experience to provide up-to-date advice, treatment and management for muscular strains.

If your sporting or muscular injuries are concerning you, give Sophie a call. She can offer some constructive advice on injury rehabilitation and prevention.