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Neck Pain & Associated Headaches

Headaches can be severely debilitating and reduce enjoyment of social events or diminish productivity in the workplace. They are sometimes caused by poor posture, stress, muscular weakness or imbalance, disorders of the neck or unwittingly holding an uncomfortable position for a long time. The classification of Headaches shows the varying sub- groups of which Physiotherapy plays a significant role in Cervical and Tension Headaches, where the source of headache and / or neck pain can be primarily attributed to;

  • Referral from joints
  • Referral from muscles
  • Referral from fascia
  • Muscular tension

Headaches and neck pain can also be influenced by;

  • Poor posture
  • Stress
  • Joint wear and tear of the neck
  • Acute wry neck
  • Trauma to the neck
  • Whiplash

Sophie is skilled at treating the neck and at educating her clients about how to best manage their symptoms in the future. If you are unsure about whether or not your headaches are caused by neck pain, please consider this list of common indicators:

  • Is the headache relieved by gentle pressure to the base of the skull?
  • Is the headache aggravated by neck movement or maintaining a position?
  • Is the headache accompanied by dizziness?
  • Does the headache persist after other potential causes have been discounted?
  • Does the headache always feel worse on one side of your head?

If the answer to any of the questions above is ‘yes,’ perhaps consider visiting Sophie for a consultation. She will be able to take you through a thorough assessment, before diagnosing the cause of your symptoms.  An appropriate level of specific exercise, manual therapy and targeted stretches may form part of an overall management strategy to assist you with your symptoms.

Arrange a meeting with Sophie to discuss your neck pain and headaches.